09 Jul

As the summer months roll in, parents in Massachusetts have a unique opportunity to ensure their child's educational needs are being met. One crucial step in this process is to consult a special education advocate to review their child's report cards, progress reports, and Individualized Education Program (IEP) before the start of the new school year. This proactive approach can help parents navigate the complexities of special education and ensure their child receives the support they deserve.

1. Understanding Your Child's Progress: 

Reviewing your child's report cards and progress reports over the summer allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of their academic and social development. A special education advocate can help you interpret the information provided, identify areas of strength, and pinpoint any areas that may require additional support. A good Special Education Advocate has ability to recognize patters assess progress and identify areas where additional support may be necessary. This knowledge empowers you to actively participate in your child's education and advocate for their needs effectively.

2. IEP Alignment: 

The IEP is a crucial document that outlines the specific accommodations, modifications, and services your child requires to succeed academically. By consulting a special education advocate, you can ensure that the IEP accurately reflects your child's current needs and goals. The Advocate can review the IEP alongside the report cards and progress reports, identifying any discrepancies or areas that may need adjustment. This proactive approach may help to ensure that your child's educational plan is aligned with their current abilities and challenges.

3. Working with the School: 

Engaging a special education advocate to review your child's educational records can facilitate effective communication with the school. The Advocate can help you prepare for meetings with school personnel, ensuring you are well-informed and confident in advocating for your child's needs. By proactively addressing any concerns or discrepancies, you can hope to establish a positive working relationship with the school and try to foster a supportive environment for your child's education.

4. Maximizing Summer Planning: 

Summer provides a valuable opportunity to plan for the upcoming school year. By reviewing your child's report cards, progress reports, and IEP during this time, you can identify areas where additional support or interventions may be needed. This allows you to explore resources, research potential strategies, and collaborate with professionals to develop a comprehensive plan for your child's success. By taking advantage of the summer months, you can work toward a smooth transition into the new school year. 

Reviewing your child's report cards, progress reports, and IEP with a special education advocate over the summer is a proactive step that can greatly benefit your child's educational journey. Attorney Rocco Iannaci is a Special Education advocate, certified teacher and juvenile/family law attorney. Do not hesitate to reach out to him to discuss how he may be able to assist you in advocating for your child.